what’s Echo Arena

Echo Arena is a spin-off title of Lone Echo, an adventure game set on a space station that was released as a VR game in 2017 by Ready At Dawn. In Echo Arena, players move their avatars by tracking their real-life bodies, and compete for points by throwing discs at each other in the zero-gravity space of VR. The title “Echo VR” includes “Echo Combat”, a PC-only game where you fight with a ray gun to complete missions.


It was released for free as a multi-player game for the Oculus Rift for PCVR in July 2017.
In September 2020, it became compatible with the Oculus Quest, a standalone VR console. The game gained worldwide attention as a symbolic game for the device. Currently, it can be played on “Oculus Quest” and “Oculus Quest2”.


The base price is free, and you can also become an Echo Pass member for 990 yen to get more avatars.


The game is played by up to five players against five other players in a multiplayer game using the Internet connection. Teams work together to score points by putting the disc (ball in basketball) into the enemy’s goal, and the team with the most rounds wins.

Although it is a VRe sport that uses the real body, the results are not dependent solely on real physical functions, and can be enjoyed by all genders and ages.

The most notable feature of the game is that it is a “zero-gravity” space. Players can use the thrusters attached to their bodies to move freely within the height of the court, creating a three-dimensional game. Players can move at speeds of up to 100 km/h by using the “regrab” technique, in which they keep accelerating while pulling each other away, or they can “stun” their opponents by hitting them on the head to temporarily take away their freedom.

International Convention VRML(VR Master League)

International tournaments, including VRML, are also held here. Many Japanese teams participate in these tournaments, and the EAJC provides live streaming of many of the Japanese teams’ matches.

Each team will form a team and play against each other in a four-player match. Japan belongs to the Asia Oceania League. During the season, each team plays two games every week.