ECHOARENA JAPAN CREATORS is a creative group organized by ECHOARENA players.

We are a group of volunteer game players who bring their talents and take on new challenges to promote VRe sports, such as Echo VR and Echo Arena, and to build a better environment for watching games.

Our actions and achievements are not for the benefit of any organization.
Our actions and accomplishments are not for the benefit of any organization, but for the benefit of all athletes and spectators who enjoy EchoArena and VRe sports, and for the wonderful future that lies ahead.

We have been conducting these activities as the main pillars of our activities.

  • Real-time distribution of the Japanese team’s matches at VRML, a major international VRe sports tournament
  • Introduce the appeal of EchoArena to people who have not experienced VR through social networking and video content.
  • Providing materials and technologies to those who want to create EchoArena related contents.
  • Planning and management of events that all players can enjoy together.

We will continue to promote the appeal of VRe sports, so please look forward to the activities of EchoArena JAPAN Creators (EAJC).

EchoArena JAPAN Creators
(All EchoArena player volunteers)

Members (in alphabetical order)

  • asibiki
  • fish_suzuki
  • fny_727_
  • hisa65432
  • hiyoko_verymuch
  • iKaika_Higashi
  • ikanatooo
  • KEN
  • kuma.o0
  • naru18
  • Oden-_-
  • sugijapa_nnn
  • tempura_pasta
  • Tokage_
  • Tubasa_JP
  • ueshi
  • Yamamori_Kimchi
  • yuki.yokoyama1

Media History

【TV】Release on November 3, 2021 at 24:55『エンタテ!区~テレビが知らないe世界~/RKB毎日放送』
【web magazine】November 29, 2021 ゲーム情報特化メディア極振り