〈VRChat〉EchoArena Game&Jazz【LIVE】

〈VRChat〉EchoArena Game&Jazz【LIVE】

On 4/6/2022, PaleBlueDotClub, a VRChat-based EchoArena viewing party, held a special event with AZwiz, led by JAZZ vocalist Azu.

AZwiz” performed a spectacular particle JAZZ live performance, which could only be experienced on VRChat! A gorgeous particle JAZZ live performance by “AZwiz” was presented.

In addition to the full instance, many people attended the event on Youtube live. The archive can be viewed here.

EAJC will continue to work hard to spread the appeal of the Echo Arena and Echo VR beyond the EchoArena to the entire VR community, and even to those who are not familiar with the virtual world.

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