〈cluster〉EchoArena Particles! Watching the game Light ray addiction  × PHAZE Live

〈cluster〉EchoArena Particles! Watching the game Light ray addiction × PHAZE Live

On 5/11/022, the cluster event “Light Ray Addiction” featured an EchoArena viewing party with particle effects and a live performance by the VR band PHAZE.

The event started with a large crowd, which is possible only with the large capacity of cluster. The games will be played with live commentary by members of the VRML International Tournament. The background music of PHAZE, the artist who will be performing at the event, will add to the excitement of the event.

After watching the game, PHAZE performed a live VR performance. The spectacular particle production brought the excitement of the EchoArena match to a live music performance. 300+ people attended the cluster venue, making it the largest turnout of the EAJC event.

Over 100 people watched the event live on Youtube. The event was filmed from carefully selected camera angles, which can be viewed in the archive.

We will continue to improve our knowledge and create an enthusiastic environment for spectators to watch the games.

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