EAJC Stadium is done!

EAJC Stadium is done!

EAJC Stadium, where you can watch EchoArena games, club events, and more, is now available on VRChat!

Inside the stadium, which is decorated to look like the inside of an EchoVR game, you can fly through space, liven up a DJ live performance with particle effects, and many other gimmicks in this dream stadium.

Unfortunately, because of the gorgeous world structure, it is a PCVR-only world. We hope that people who usually enjoy VR with VRChat will be able to watch the EchoArena matches with “enthusiasm”.

It will not be open to the public, but will only be open during events. We will announce the event on our official Twitter page. Please look forward to the next event!

Twitter:EchoArena JAPAN Creators

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